Give New Yorkers- more specifically those in the Bronx-   a warm day and give way to a gravel carpet! A silent competition. As oppose to a red carpet, this fashion show is more serious. Anyone can win. The rules are not written down but everyone knows whats accepted and whats just too much.  Everything have to fit together, your outfit, your attitude, your posture, and even those around you have to have it up to par.

It’s everyday life! Without down jackets and heavy clothing to cover your main garb, the city’s eyes are on you and your full outfit.  You are  representing your neighborhood, your culture, and everything you associate yourself with as soon as your walk out the house.

Maria, I think, beat everyone in the neighborhood to the punch. It’s like she won the competition before it fully begun! To badddddd  if you didn’t wear that spring outfit you were saving, it looks like Maria already won!

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