Azeria, Lilly and Jeremiah

Hall of Science


This is my second time taking out them. I had to do an assignment for class at the Hall of Science and didn’t want to go alone. Well, Azeria and Jeremiah made sure I knew I wasn’t alone. I had to keep them occupied all day. Even walking up and down the steps I had them counting and adding. Every time I let them be, they would result to arguing and getting into mischief.

Our day was fun and exciting. We took three trains coming and going to the museum. When we got there, we ate and started out our tour. They bothered me about taking them outside to the museum’s children’s golf court. When we got out there, it was all bliss for Jeremiah but Azeria could care less about golf after she saw how hard it was to get that ball into the hole. We probably spent one hour out there.

After playing outside, we went to see the 3-D show the museum offered. It was titled Grand Canyon Adventure at Risk. I enjoyed it the most. I didn’t have to do much to keep them occupied. Azeria fell asleep. I kind of had an idea she would. Jeremiah however was very interested and was asking questions. Because he kept talking, he never fell asleep. Which lead to another argument between them.

The show brought to my attention that the earth was losing water and it’s population was only getting larger. It also made me feel like visiting the Colorado River…a little, cause water is one thing I don’t do.

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