Wine Vault

Wine Vault


The first restaurant we ate at was in the neighborhood not to far from where we were staying.

-The owner of the restaurant invited me to a music show later that night- which I turned down. Then he shared with me his wine vault… I wanted to tell him I didn’t drink but I smiled and snapped a picture. After the long lunch, he brought champagne to the table and gave me mine personally asking me to taste it….  I was a bit embarrassed by his kindly affection towards me. After telling him two to three times I didn’t drink, he gave up.

Journal Entry:


14 June 2014 Saturday

Before we left out, we got 500 pesos from Dr. Anderson. She informed us that it was for food. I was having hard time thinking in pesos and not dollars. I tried to save.

The first restaurant we visited was Guaresnei’s. It was started by Pablo Mora who said he was only 12 years old when he started 23 years ago. He also said he taught himself how to cook. I wanted something small and ordered a chicken salad. Little did I know, that the cook believed in large portions! I got a big lunch that I shared with those around me.

After the lunch, I thought we were going to get up and go exploring but we sat around the long table and talked and also watched the World Cup. We also ordered dessert, something I never do in New York. I never order coffee because I never drink coffee, however, I ordered some today and I regret I did because the coffee gave me a stomach ache. The cheese cake was scrumptious!

I spoke to the owner a little more. He invited me to a dance later on tonight, of course I didn’t go. He also showed me his wine vault. I don’t drink wine but It was impressive, I guess. I think the most impressive thing on the owner part was him starting a restaurant at 12 years old!

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