San Telmo Feria

San Telmo Feria


I am standing in the middle of the street during the San Telmo Feria. It was amazing. I think this is one of my favorite  spots in Argentina. I enjoyed cruising through the streets and simply buying.

I think this is where we got great food. There was a restaurant called Desninel that we actually we went to twice because the food was really good.

Journal Entry:

15 June 2014 Sunday

After the Plaza Francia fair, we ventured to another fair called the San Telmo Fair. There, we first went to a restaurant that was popular for its meat of many kinds…particularly all the parts of the cow. I ate a little bit. I was breaking my Sunday fast and did not really want all the beef. I really wanted an apple or some vegetables but I learned that day that Argentina is not about full three course meals, it’s all about meat!

Later when we all picked a meeting spot, we split up again. This time I was with Juan and Valerie. I was happy to have company but even happier when Juan and I split from Valerie. She was “Jewing” the people down and I felt it was a waste of time and energy.  Besides, if I would have stayed with her I wouldn’t have came across Mon, from the hat shop, who sold me a black, wool church hat. We promised to become friends and she gave me her information.

After that shop we ran out of time and went to the pizza shop where we all planned to meet. Since we were the first ones, we waited outside. It’s there we came across a cult of some sort, an American man from Utah, his wife and followers stopped us. They acted like they were Christians but their testimonies did not sound convincing. They did not testify to the water baptism nor the Holy Ghost and kept saying everyone lived in the same apartment. When they gave us a tract, it was over 30 people in the picture! Children included. It seemed weird. Juan pulled me aside and told me they were a cult and we quickly got away. It seemed also weird that they did not have a church even though they were trying to witness- of what? I don’t know.



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