At the Plaza Francia Fair


When you are traveling,  the longer you stay away from home, the more you begin to get used to where you are staying. It is usually in the beginning of your stay, while your brain is still making the adjustments, that you learn the most (about the people and the place) with great eagerness.

I went to three fairs while in Argentina and before each fair Dr. Anderson encouraged us to talk to the merchants and try to bargain with them- not shake them down- but make fair bargains with them.

I made great bargains at all the fairs but it was at the Plaza Francia Fair I was able to not only buy two shawls at a great price but to connect with the sales lady and learn the meaning of the indigenous people’s flag.

Each square and each color means something within the universe and more importantly, the meanings also have a lot to do with the women’s body. This is what I picked up:

the white square means the women

the yellow square means the children

the orange square means the youth

the red square means the men

the purple square means the knowledge of the Elderly people

the blue square means the knowledge of the cosmos or universe

and the green square  is the earth

The 7 colors represents the 7 days and in total there are 49 squares. 4+9= 13. The 13 represents the 13 months of the year of the original people. They don’t  / didn’t have 12 months.  It’s 13 months because each month has 28 days like the cycle of the women. There are also 13 bones in the column and 1+3 = 4 which stands for north, south, east and west.

The flag also stands for the elements of life: fire, water, air and the earth. The top of the flag stands for the head, the two sides  stands for the hands and bottom for the feet. In the original language, feet and earth meant the same thing.

The center of the flag stands for the connection of the earth to the unborn babies and the harmony of the earth and 4 elements.

I think I may have missed something in translation so I made a video of her teaching me and posted it on youtube.

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