Journal Entry from Argentina




Today, a day of thanksgiving por mi. I woke up and prayed. I thank God and continued to thank him all day.

The house in Palermo that we are staying at is simply beautiful! It’s built with European and South American influences. I love it. We arrived early this morning. (I learned from our tour guide that this type of house is called Casa Chorizo).

While getting ready for bed the power went out. I was the only one in my room not in bed. I was in the bathroom trying to take a wash up. I manged.

This Palermo house has the outside within the inside. So, it’s cold in the hallways.

We visited- after walking and going to a restaurant for brunch- the Plaza de Mayo area like the Casa Rosada, Metropolitan Cathedral and the Bardo Palace and Manzana De Las Luces. We also took a walk through Puerto Malero Via Puente De La Mujer (The Docks).

At each place I tried to treat it as a learning experience. I looked at each image as if I would never see it again.

The Casa Rosada was where we met our group tour the college had hired. I forgot her name. She was white and seemed American… She didn’t know much of her history and didn’t hesitate to tell us. Much of the questions went unanswered and I stopped diverting my attention to her.

I diverted my attention to a young Chilean lady named Sofia who explained to me in English a beautiful work of art of an indigenous women, Bartolina Sisa, who, like her husband was killed as activist. They fought for the civil liberties for their people. She also told me of Don Evo Morales Ayma, the first Indian president of Boliva, both whom I already blogged about. 

I find myself trying to appreciate Argentina but I need to catch up on the readings!



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