Museum Hopping with Stacy

A note to Stacy after our day at the Museum of Natural History and the Met Breuer.

Stacy; billows, the Big Bang, Bears and beautiful memories from today are now apart of our friendship.

Even though we started out late (my fault, sorry!) It turned out to be worth the trips. it was funny too see you excited in the museum of natural history. (Girl, science does not make me excited!! lol.. yawn.  You must admit we had more fun looking at photos by Diane Arbus).

Stacy, I must say we learned a lot of new terms. I quizzed a guy friend who calls himself a scientist, yesterday! I asked him how many types of mammals there were and he couldn’t answer me (of course we know from the exhibit that there are dos!).

I am able to define the term ‘bellows’ to my young siblings, a term we always hear in church.

Nonetheless, guess what? No matter how i try to remember, I can’t remember the name of that animal that eat porcupines (help!).

I do remember the moose story though and our convocation after reading about how they battle till death to get a cow. What a funny story you told about the pigeons!

But your story about lime and apple green skittles took the cake! Girl, you are crazy!

Can’t wait to do it again!!!!!


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