Thanksgiving with the Taylors

This past November, instead of staying in Gloucester, we stayed in Norfolk, Virginia with the Taylors. It was a load of fun. If someone was not being pranked (perfume in pants and coats dipped in cold water ) then we were up at night racing around the block (that’s us in the photo at the top after having a ‘bathrobe race’ around the block – turned mini neighborhood tour ) or disputing whether we were listening to live music or  recorded tracks ( why would someone play a recorded track during a gospel jam?!)…or our face was being smothered in Nutella (as you can see me in the photo). No one got enough sleep yet, no one woke up grumpy (unless they found out that their car keys were missing and so was their car!). The food was great and so was their southern hospitality.

At the very end of the trip, my camera started acting funny and my photos came out funny looking. I have to put my camera in the shop.


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