I’m not Racist

Yesterday a second grader was upset because a fourth grader called him racist. And, it almost erupted into a fight.

Me: Why did you call him racist?

Fourth Grader: Because we were talking about a boy and instead of saying his name, he said, who the black boy?

Me: Well, what color is the boy? Is he black?

Fourth Grader: Yes, but he should have used his name!

Second Grader: But I didn’t know his name! I’m not racist!

Fourth Grader: I’m sorry for calling you racist.

Me: Can you guys just shake on it? It’s time to go home.

They shook hands.

Second Grader Father: What happened?

Second Grader: He called me racist. And I am not racist like Donald Trump! I just didn’t know the boy’s name. I’m really not racist like Donald Trump!!

Parent: Did you hear that Ms. Lilly? What are we supposed to say?

Me: Silent. img_9848

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