Something Sweet from D.R.


A second grader named Brianna went to the Dominican Republic for the holidays and brought me back something called a raspadura rellena.

The middle part is sweet. It tastes like fig or grape. But the circle part is hard as a rock! The outside part is paper that I think was placed there to hold the rellena into shape.

I looked up the sweet on the internet but other types of foods came up when I typed in: “raspadura rellena dulceria rodriguez”.

I asked some people at my job about it but still was not clear what it was outside of a type of sweet.

I asked Brianna about it and she shared with me that she thinks it’s nasty.  I wanted to ask her why she didn’t just get me a key chain?!

I am going to ask my friend grandma about it, maybe she will be able to help me.

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