When I got to Memphis, the first stop (after settling in) was a popular restaurant founded in Memphis in 1970, Huey’s. Not knowing the history, I ordered a Tea and Salad. This is how the conversation went between the Memphians (including the waiter) and I.

Ashley and Sister Dannise: You are going to want to order a burger

Ardas: And fries

Me: I just want salad…and water.

Waiter: Welcome to Huey’s! What will you like to have?

Me: What salad’s do you suggest?

Waiter: Well, I haven’t had any but they say that the –

Me: I will take the Spinach Salad and a glass of water.

Waiter: Is that all you want?

Me: How much Salad do I get?

Waiter: A lot but, you don’t want to try a burger?

Everyone at the table is now quite. I can sense little Ardas shaking his head.

Me: Okay, I’ll get a burger! What kind should I get?

Waiter: Well, we have the world famous Huey’s burger, the smokey melt burger, the west cost burger, the sunshine burger-

Me: What is the sunshine burger?

Waiter:  It’s served with cheddar cheese, grilled mushrooms, and topped with an over-medium fried egg and crispy bacon

Me: That sounds good. I’ll take it.

Waiter: you want your yoke running or a scrambled egg?

Ashley: Choose scrambled, the running yoke gets messy.

Me: scrambled.

The burger was enjoyable but I did not eat all of it…this was the conversation that happened when I didn’t finish it:

Ashley: Me and my mom are very frugal… so finish it or save it.

Me: I’ll save it.

By the time we got home, I forgot about the less than half of burger sitting on the dashboard and it stayed in the car for two nights! It eventually went in the trash…but now that Huey’s is a thousand miles away, I wouldn’t mind having another burger.


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