Story Telling at the Library

During summer 2013 the New York Public Library hosted an acting class where the children got an opportunity to create scrip and make masks.

I enjoyed it especially because I learned from the two teachers who had brilliant ways to keep the children on task and ‘all minds on deck’. It is 2017 and I still remember clearly how well the teachers worked together. For about 45 minutes, they taught and entertained the children. Each class setting was, everyone sitting down in a huge circle on the floor.

Each lesson would begin with an ice breaker. Hand clapping and singing. This helped the children acknowledge everyone in the room. It was here I learned how important it is to work with your colleagues and better more, acknowledge them. After an ice breaker, a mini lesson would begin by the other teacher. And they will keep passing the torch back and forth until it was time to leave.

There were about 20 children who came weekly, some Mary Mitchell Students and others neighborhood children and all were engaged.

Even though there was one focus which was, collectively writing scrip and acting, they used many ice breakers and never focused on one subject too long.


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