Going Chicken Loco

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One Sunday the congregation went on a church trip and while I was in service the Sunday before, I missed the announcement…I actually missed most of everything since I could translate very little!

Anyway, when I showed up the next Sunday, the church doors were locked and the Pastor’s daughter who lives nearby (and apparently did not go) met me at the gate to tell me (as best as she could) that there was no church today.

I walked across the street to the chicken spot I was eyeing for a long time.

The owner was very kind and spoke a lot of English.

Where are you from? He asked me.

I am from New York.

Oh, America. I live there as well.

You do?

Yes, I am originally from Azogues but my family lives in Chicago. We live next to President Obama’s house.

Oh. Wow! That’s exciting isn’t it? (When I told Ana this story, she went on a tangent about how he was lying…I really didn’t care where he lived!)

What brings you here? He asked me. (I should have told him that I just want to eat some fried chicken!)

I have a friend who lives out here.

You like it here?

Yeah. I miss home though.

After all the small talk, I ordered french fries, chicken and salad. That’s what I got but I was very disappointed. Everything on my plate was home cooked and not my idea of fast food at all. On top of that, it tasted much different from the other chicken spot I went to when I first arrived in Azogues, Chicken Pollo (pictured below). At least their food tasted like Roy’s in the Bronx, a Spanish Restaurant.



2 thoughts on “Going Chicken Loco

  1. Hi Lystria,
    I’m sorry to hear your experience at the restaurant was not the best. Im not sure where in the restaurant it mentions fasts food though, as most ecuadorian spots are homecooked meals. I can verify however that the owner did live in Chicago. As his daughter (who currently lives in Chicago) I found it amusing he said he used to live next to former President Obama’s house. Nonetheless, I enjoyed your blog & plan to try out the other restaurant you mentioned when I get the chance to visit!

    • Hi Mariah,
      Thanks for visiting my blog!!
      Yeah, that was just my experience. I always stray away from fast food but when I was traveling, all of a sudden I had a taste for it and by that time, the only thing offered was home cooked meals!!

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