At the Market


I am at the market where a bunch of bananas cost only 25 cent! I really only wanted wanted one but got a whole bunch. The bananas were extremely sweet.

Ana and her family wanted to know if I could taste the difference between the Banana’s in New York and Ecuador. They are better here right?

I couldn’t really answer though because I don’t frequently eat banana’s. I just told them what they wanted to here, Banana’s are totally better in Ecuador!

Oh, and you see the lady selling tooth brushes? The hustle was real. The market was very loud. There was a constant chatter. While vendors were compromising with buyers, peddlers were nagging them, showing off their items. If you look close, you can see there are more peddlers in this photo.

I was trying to hold on to each dollar but I ended up buying from a child peddler who was selling 10 sweet kiwi for a dollar.

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