Funny, when I am home I don’t eat out a lot but when I got to Ecuador, that’s all I wanted to do.

I was in my room when Ana’s niece told me she was going out to get pizza! I jumped up and stopped what I was doing. I got ready and raced down stairs…just to find out what she was really saying was: I am MAKING pizza.

Y’all make pizza too?! I wanted to yell. Isn’t it one thing we can go out and buy?!

Nope, save your money and make it all yourself.

3 cups of flour

3 tea spoons of salk

3 table spoons of sugar

Then, mix

3 table spoons of oil

add hot water slowly to make a dough

keen the dough for 10 minutes

add baking soda

And then I got mixed up with the children in the house and missed the rest of the recipe, nonetheless, I believe we add cheese and tomato sauce some where here….


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