Churchin’ in Ecuador


My last week in Ecuador, I went on a church trip with friends of Ana’s brother.

I forgot the name of the region we visited but it was long ways off from Azogues. When we arrived, I understood that it was a youth conference and was astonished and very encouraged to see  how many young people were not only on fire for Christ but leaders. I met an 18 year old pastor and witnessed very young children laying hands on their friends during prayer.

Jessenia, the pastor’s wife, showed me around the region which was very nice of her. I was glad I went because I got to see a new part of Ecuador.

One of their youth leaders/ pastors was a very short but fiery person. He reminded me of Zacchaeus from Luke 19. He had the congregation on their feet, clapping.

Of course I was happy to hear songs I was familiar with. I was happy I was attending the church in Azougues because I was able to sing some songs in Spanish like Ven Espiritu Ven, which I still sing now.

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