The Second Line

While in NOLA, we learned about The Second Line and experienced it first hand. On the second day there, we met one on the way home. It was coming up the street towards us.


So, a second line is a musical celebration that take place in New Orleans  mostly after funerals. It’s called the second line because usually the first line is the coffin being carried to the church and is more of a mourning session. The second line has music, music, music and dancing, dancing, dancing and more dancing.


Because we went during the weekend of Louis Armstrong birthday, there were celebrations all over the city honoring the great jazz musician. I don’t know how many times I heard recordings of Satchmo.

The funny thing is Stacy and I did not know that that weekend was just the right time to be in the city. Not only was it the Satchmo Summer Fest but New Orleans was also celebrating it’s 300th birthday.


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