My Time Off

Until Then

Until Then

This month I am suppose to be in Italy; however, I am still in New York because I did not raise enough money to participate in the trip. I did not want to take out a loan to travel. If God wanted me to go abroad he would have provided. It is not like I didn’t try to go. I did. I fund raised by lobbying and selling candies. I even won a scholarship that paid for some of my way! This still was not enough.

I had dreams every night about how my trip in Italy will turn out:

I get there and met a family of three. Parents and a little child. They are looking for a baby- sitter and find out that I am excellent with children. The only problem is I cannot speak Italian and they cannot understand English.  However, there is a translator there- miraculously- and he translates for us. I will work in turn for room and board.

So, I continue to take the class that the school is offering until the course is over. Instead of going back to America, I stay in Italy with the Italian Family. The mother is a clothing designer and the father is a store owner. The mother realizes that I like to put outfits together and begins to use me as a model. I can rock certain clothing really well i.e hats, long skirts and dresses. And this is what I advertise for her.

Now during my time off I dream of traveling in America.

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