I met Tjay at Dr. Naison’s (one of my Fordham professor’s) house party.

She’s a dancer from Germany.

Take note of her simple but chic outfit. First of all, I love that she has a hat on and is rocking it well. Not too many people have the talent to add a hat to their outfit and rock it. Also, she has on a fitting lace skirt, not a regular black skirt which really goes with her wedges.  (If you look closely, you would also see her new tattoo on her right arm).

Weekend Max Mara Skirt

I ran across this Jersey Skirt by Max Mara. I think it will be a great buy for the upcoming winter. My sister, however, thinks it’s ugly. It’s not that bad. I think the price is ugly. It goes for 250.00 at

As seen on Rebecca Taylor


I like the style of this skirt. I think the model on Rebecca Taylor’s website looks a little sloppy though. Or maybe it’s the fact that this skirt has a drawstring. I think it should have been made with a zipper in the back then one can add a wide belt…

You can purchase it at for 225.oo.

Michelle Obama’s Skirt


I love love the FLOTUS skirt! I wish there was a website that told us where she got each outfit…actually, I wish there was a clothing line dedicated to her. A brand named after Michelle Obama. Wouldn’t that be awesome?!

Jaylin’s Outfit- Tights/ Skirt

She has two pairs of  tights on- the black ones are ripped intentionally.

Then, her skirt- that spider design fabric is actually added on to the skirt. When she walked down the ‘runway’, she had a lot of fun spinning around.

I think that black and white piece on the top was also added.


From her outfit, I could tell she had an eye for colors and placing them together. If you look at the photos a little close, you will see that the pink curtain behind her has fish on it…which works for the picture…it wasn’t my idea that she stood where she stood, it was her idea.

In addition to her hairdo, and her picking where to stand to take the picture, her maxi skirt and sandals compliments her a little more.


I like the use of stairs in photographs. That ascending or descending backdrop adds some type of flavor to the photo. What really makes the picture interesting is where the photographer chooses to place the subject.

One photo from Diane Von Furstenberg’s newsletter encouraged me to blog about the use of stairs in pictures.  In the  photo, the stairs look like they are a prop; nevertheless, help to enforce the designs on the girls dresses.

I realize that with stairs you have to be careful. It’s almost like using a wall. You have to like the color of the stairs the shape of the stairs and even the width.

Which leads me to talk about pictures from Michael Kors’ newsletters. In a few of his pictures, cement stairs are used. These stairs are not used as a prop even though they are in-sync with the model clothes.  The photographer gives the viewer the idea that the stairs are an after thought.  The model is walking pass the stairs as oppose to sitting on them. The stairs also seem like they are never-ending, almost like stairs in front of the Metropolitan museum or a court-house.

The Michael Kors’ pictures are different in that it almost tells a story. Unlike Diane Von Furstenberg’s models who are sitting down posing for the picture, Michael Kors’ model is walking with books in her hand while looking at a phone.

Michael Kors’ picture is similar to Kate Spade picture of Bryce Dallas Howard. Both subjects are doing something; however, in the Kate Spade picture, Howard is more laid back. She is having fun. The use of the stairs is more for a prop. It’s needed to bring the fun photo to justice. Howard is not just passing by a staircase, she’s hanging on the rail.

Stairs are source of inspiration and make photos more fun.