Dog Walking

One thing I dislike is dogs in the Bronx.

I like animals and all but not in the Bronx! People just let their dogs use the bathroom all over the sidewalks.

I constantly have to watch where I am walking for fear of stepping in dog mess. There are so many sidewalks filled with mess.

It seems only the residents in Manhattan – some areas- walk around with bags to clean up behind their dogs.

Something I just won’t do is clean up behind a dog. I already have a hard time cleaning up behind my family.

Today this young man had two dogs. I wonder if he noticed that both were sniffing one another mess. It was so gross. Why can’t people just get FISH?! If I don’t walk in their mess then I have to deal with people who walk their nasty dogs…and see them do nasty things on the sidewalk. GROSS!Dog Walking

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