Store Art

I recently started to study  store art.

Each store, I notice, has its own type of bag, signs, pictures, music and  layout. The art of the store helps to draw a certain kind of people. I’ve been spending my time taking pictures of stores and listening to their music.  Also judging  the attitude of the employers. Studying stores change my opinion of them.

Stores I thought were amazing are often shined in a much duller light. I also study the prices of the items. Of course the demographics change from neighborhood to neighborhood. Some stores look like museums. You can tell the employers took time to make it look welcoming to the customers.

One owner told me that there are designers who come into his store once or twice a  month to fix it up. There were photographs on the wall and magazine cut outs made into a collage on another wall. It looked like my room almost. I judge food and clothing stores alike. They all fall under the same category.

The best places are malls though! Then I can go into many at once. I even did Borders,  the book store.

Only once did someone tell me I couldn’t take pictures in a store. I think the employee was lying.

It seems buying is an art in itself.

This is a photo of JCREW  located in the Time Warner building.

Store Art

Store Art

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