Little Black Boy

Little Black Boy

Come on, you can do it!

It’s better to do it now while you have time!

Can’t you see that everyone else is ahead of you?

Do you want to be the only one in your class failing?

Do you want to be in first grade forever?

I care. Really I do. I care what grade you make.

Some think your future looks bleak but I think it looks bright. You just have to do what you need to, now!

Learn NOW. Now is the time to learn.  And enjoy school.

Don’t be the little black boy on your block. The one who hangs out.

Be the Big black boy who sees a big bright future.

The big black boy who goes to school.

The one with a big heart for mommy and daddy.

The one with a big niche for learning new things.

Because one day, those little boys will be looking to you Big Black Boy.

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