Blessed are they who believe yet, Do not see

Be SavedReading GOD’S GOT YOUR NUMBER by Ken Gaub. I notice that he doesn’t limit himself and so far his faith is unbelievable. Now, me with the Holy Ghost and the true baptism. Why can’t my faith be on that level? God gave us power to do also the things He did when He came in the form of Jesus and He didn’t limit us! He gave us that power and even more! I begin to ask God to show me more miracles as Ken, just to strengthen my faith. However, that’s doubt right there! If I need to see to strengthen my faith, then I have no foundation to stand on. I don’t want to be weak as Thomas was but I want to have faith like the apostles who believed and did not see JESUS when he rose. Their faith told them it was HE who returned.

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