i feel like flying away

Flying AwayOkay so there’s a little boy

you probably know him.

he’s black.

everyone ignores him.

give him what he wants so

he’ll just shut up

but the thing is

he’s calling for them

they are flying away from him.

and you see it

you see them flying away from him

you want to help him out.

but don’t really know if he wants YOUR help

He’s also scared.

He scared of himself.

He’s not aware of his capability

No one wants to be associated with him

even his own family

He’s so small

But already in a world where everyone is flying away

and thats how he feels

“he’s born in a confused world because he is black”

is what someone said

another one said

“we gotta protect him cause he’s black”

the question is who’s gonna do it

if everyone feels like flying away

and if everyone makes him feel like flying away

“they are after him cause he’s black”

well, who’s after him?

shouldn’t we be  after him?

6 thoughts on “i feel like flying away

  1. You are amazing. This is amazing. More people need to be reading this. So make that happen! I love you girlie!

  2. This poem is off the HOOK!! Of course the photo is yours. This reminds me of the song ‘I feel like flying away’ by the Winnans. Heyyyy???? What’s the connnection?

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