Indeed Pippy and Justa Happy

Today was such a great day for me, despite the few mean people I met on my way.

Today was such a gorgeous day outside, despite the brisk breeze in the night.

Today was such a joyous day for me, despite the chains that tried to lock around me.

Today was such a God-given day, despite the corrupted world.

Today God surprised me with more of his presence then I even asked for.

Today God poured out his spiritual blessing on me and made me full and free.

I had no idea that I felt like a caterpillar until God gave me wings and gave me his beauty.

And the beautiful thing about today is  God promise more and better days on the way.

So flowers get ready to bloom and devil be prepared to move cause when God gets ready

YOU got to MOVE and I’ll just Groove

Caterpillars came from everywhere. Everywhere were caterpillars. One day they just piped up and left“.

Deacon Glassgow


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