Things Just Happen

Weird things happen all the time.

Like finding 11 cents twice in a week

Like looking up an author’s info to write him just to find out he passed away on that day 5 years ago

Like going into a place to inquire about it, just to get hired on the spot

Like thinking of a song, and soon singing it – making it your own and at the same time encouraging others

Like knowing how your day will go even before you go to work, school, or church

Like bumping into people you are trying to avoid what a feeling!

Like befriending someone on facebook just to defriend that same person the same day

Like walking into a place at the right time

Like loving surprises but always knowing when people are trying to surprise you

Like regret

regret just feels weird doesn’t it?

Like falling in love and then having to explain it. Why do people even try to explain it?

I guess they just like the feeling or reminiscing

Dejavu is something that just happens too! You never know if it happened or if you just had a dream of it!

I’m telling you, things just happen

Three Red Cars

4 thoughts on “Things Just Happen

  1. Haha good ol’ Sam
    Hey! You were talking about Robert Cormier aren’t you; the letter five years late.
    AND we definitely surprised you for your birthday; you didn’t see that coming at all.

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