heehee…thats so funny!

When I am with the children, funny things happen all the time.

Like one time I was helping Janisha with her homework and she was doing pretty well. She was well-behaved and answering all the questions correct until her little brother came over and demanded a lot more of my attention. Then all of sudden she kept forgetting her answers and started huffing and puffing for no reason. So I asked her, why are you huffing and puffing like that? Your brother is here so now you are extra crazy right? And her bother said: Are you a wolf? Even Janisha couldn’t keep her laugh in.

Or like today when I told David and Joseph about the wallets that the library give to children who have library cards. The got excited and went to the desk to ask for one. Unfortunately, the librarian didn’t know what they were talking about and said: Wallets? There are no wallets here. Go up the block on Tremont to one of the 99Cent stores…. It was only a matter of time before I had to get up to explain.

Yesterday, a boy in the 6th grade was playing with a finger skateboard while everyone else were either reading or doing their homework. He was all over the floor, and up the walls, on the book shelves, on the tables just everywhere with this toy. It was so annoying and distracting. He kept playing until everyone just stop what they were doing and looked at him. This big boy playing like this. I told everyone to just watch. And he didn’t even notice. I said to him- Look at yourself. Everyone is doing something productive- reading and writing while you are playing with your fingers. What’s wrong with you. He just stopped. Hopefully he’ll come with his homework one day cause the same big boy came with his tiny toy today and was doing the same exact thing!

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