QuickTime 3

We are in a place where everything is happening so fast.

These times are much different from our parent times. Children growing up now are so far advance then when I was growing up.

These times are QUICK

Children seem to have very little patience to learn and grow as children.

Yesterday I heard a child say he had short term memory. He forget things.

I wonder if the same child is going to use the term ‘Alzheimer’ to define his memory tomorrow.

Or just simply say he forgot.

One of my students ask me why I wasn’t married yet.

“You grown!”

I asked him why he wasn’t married yet!

You don’t just marry anybody.

“Oh, you have to find the special one for you huh?!”

But that is acceptable. I can understand that.

What surprised me is when I heard younger children discussing sex in details.

The leader of the bunch told the them “all you have to do is wear condoms”.

They were still in elementary school.

How would  parents protect their children and make sure they are innocent?

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