I am still learning and have a lot to learn. The following are people in the photography field who I’ve come to admire and their work alike. I even put my teachers/ mentors on the list.

  1. Gordon Parks
  2. Roy DeCarava
  3. Moneta Sleet, Jr.
  4. Robert Frank
  5. Adam Ansel
  6. Weegee
  7. Jacob Riis
  8. Louis Hine
  9. Deb Willis
  10. Herman Leonard
  11. Ansel Adams
  12. Robert Frank
  13. David Ellwand
  14. Fazal Sheikh
  15. Lewis W. Hein
  16. Jacob Riis
  17. Marisol Diaz
  18. Robert Capa

God gave them knowledge and skill in all learning and wisdom Daniel 1:17

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