Today my students were really excited about the up coming  Thanksgiving break.  They can’t wait to leave school for only 4 days! It is a wonder I got  to finish The Night of the Living Dummy III (a Goosebumps series) with Joseph, taught Francesca a new word: Penguin, made Kizzy practice her multiplication tables and Lindsay did a little bit of her homework. I also did a little reading with Frankie and Estie. So it was nice. One thing that made my day was the students willingness to listen to me. I didn’t have any problems with them. Well, not including the prep talk I had to have with them to encouarge them to do their homework,  I also met a new parent!!  Who recognized me! She knew the church I went to and everything. It was not that surprising because after all, we do all live in the same neighborhood.

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