The 26th of the Month

I had an okay day until my heart was broken by stones and my feelings were hurt by words. After that, I thought I needed a walk. I started walking and couldn’t stop. I had no where in particular I was going but kept walking. I was enjoying the landscape of the Bronx and the words that were said to me were going away. The surroundings had melted away the hard feelings on me. I walked pass the library and pass the schools and pass the supermarkets and Spanish bodagas and down the hills pass the churches and laundromats and pass the parks and then I got to a hill and it was a long way down. On the way down I passed many people. People who looked broken, children running, drunken men sitting down, young people on their way to parties, and I saw myself. Look pass them and kept walking.  Along this hill was a Christian  Book Store. I knocked once and my eyes met his. And he let me in.

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