Bright America

I had a fine day today. I met an entire new group at the Library. The kids who were there were funny, bad, and friendly at the same time. Like the  little 3-year-old who was making everyone laugh and when she saw that we all thought she was funny she started cursing! It was so surprising. I put her on “time out” and I don’t  know if she understood. All she wanted to do was play “house’ and be the baby.

Later on, I went to the Chinese store to eat and practice spanish with some of the spanish kids in the neighborhood.  I was glad that their parents let them come with me, after all everything was on the same block. I was just a little surprised at the freedom they got. At the Chinese Store we met two Chinese girls. We all had fun learning spanish together.  Maybe it has something to do with living in the city. I left them when it was dark and they wanted to stay longer!

What I enjoy the most is the culture of the children and of the neighborhood. It’s like a little world once you become very active in it. I’ve lived in this neighborhood so long and only now am I becoming active. I used to only know the man in the Bodega but now I know so many people because the children parents are the ones who are running the neighborhood. The African children I work with parents run the hair salon down the block and are also the same ones driving the taxis, the Spanish children parents run the bodaga’s and the Chinese children parents run the Chinese store.  The little girl who remind me of myself, grandfather is the super in the building I live in. I didn’t meet her until I started working at the library and we live in the same building. I also know the librarians and the security guard. I  know a teacher in the school that most of the students attend, we met at Fordham. This world is so small. And Bright.

My America is bright.

Bright with children playing day and night

Bright with parents who care about the neighborhood and its plight

Bright with young kids who see no limit

Bright with librarians who teach children discipline

Who ever said that a village doesn’t raise a child anymore?

In my Bright America, the Pizza guy tells the children how to say thank you.

The old gentleman sweeping the corner offers a kind “Good day to you”

The grocery store keeper offers to help you with your bags 

And the young Jehovah witness offers a strong “God Bless You!”

The family walking from church gains courage to ask you

 what will Jesus Do In this Bright America?

Bright America

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