Being Ignored

When you are ignored for no other reason other than for being a certain shade is hurtful. Either you can ignore that which is hurting you or you can try to change to fit in a little bit more. Maybe change your style of hair or dress. Maybe change your attitude towards people of your own kind or your attitude towards yourself.  However way you try to assimilate, you will still be you.

When you are ignored for no other reason than than for being a certain shade is hurtful. Either you can have pity on yourself or be grateful for life itself. You can seek and find communities which are created for people your shade but does that even help? In that community you are bound to see someone your shade imitating those who hurt you. How does that make you feel?

When walking down the streets of NYC and looking at all the stores I saw one popular manikin type: the white one.

Then I saw Sean John’s manikin’s and thought, its only the beginning. It’s been the beginning for a long time.

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