Growing Up

I am so tired of working and this is a job I was hoping to get. My head literally hurts when I walk. Yet, instead of going to sleep I am up trying to tell someone else about my day. Which was okay. My body is just not coping with the fast change in my life. For some reason? I think my body got used to me sleeping late and working with the children. It doesn’t know why I dress up often and am very serious more than not. It is also trying hard to remember all the new names and faces. Plus I’m tired of  men asking nosy questions like “where I’m from” or “what’s my religion”. I’m most certainly not used to men working up the courage to sit with me at lunch. UGGGGGH! Why does growing up have to be so difficult? I like to sit alone and eat not meet and eat. It just makes things annoying. Especially when your food is not an easy food to eat and be neat.  I can say more but I promise my body I would pray about it instead of complaining about it.

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