Back Again

So, I started teaching at the library once again. Did I tell you already?

I started this week. Today, Thursday, was my third day this year.

I may go back downtown to see if I could get my job back. Hopefully, I will go tomorrow.

I met a handful of new students. Lately, I’ve helped them with their spelling words.

I always look for ways to have fun with them so they won’t get bored when I test them.  I include

other students around to take part in the spelling fun. We had a spelling bee and I also gave them a timed spelling test.

I hope those who I helped all get a 100%. I also met one parent.

I really like the library and enjoy working there; however, I am still looking…

What I like the most about the library is the children. It’s just so much fun.

However, I need something I love just as much or more that pays good money….

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