I’m glad to be in the Service

So we all heard what happened to Haiti early this week.  I am thankful that an earthquake did not hit where I live. I am grateful for life. However, I know that I am not free to do as I please just because death did not hit me this time. I know I have to constantly kill my flesh for Christ and be ready to go whenever he wants to take me. I know God gives second chances but He is still in control and just because I say “I repent” doesn’t mean he will forget what I did. I am always at his mercy. He is good regardless. For this, I am glad I am in His service. Haiti is in my prayers.

I pray for the children who lost their parents.

I pray for the parents who lost their children.

The Country.

The great people with heart who are in Haiti.

All who are dealing with death for the first time.

I pray for those who are becoming bitter because of  the situation they are in, that God give them a loving heart.

I pray for the people’s belief in God.

I pray for those in America and else where who think they are at an advantage because of their living conditions.

I pray that God show them that only those who are sleep in Christ are truly safe. No where out of God’s will is safe.

I pray that Haiti continues to get the help she needs.

I pray for the stars who are contributing to Haiti. May their hearts be in the right place.  Because in the end, its not about who knows that you gave but if you were giving cheerfully. God loves a cheerful giver.

I saw pictures of Haiti all this week and after seeing the images and shedding tears and praying prayers constantly, I found myself wanting to be in Haiti to help- which I know will not happen. I have no relatives there and I know very few people from there but I already knew about its social issues from reading the book: Brother, I’m Dying by Edwidge Danticat. I knew already that it was a country suffering and even though thousands of people died and were injured by this earthquake, something had to happen- soon or later to turn the world’s eyes to Haiti’s state of living.


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