29 of January

I did feel him looking at me out of the corner of my eye.  He kept singing and I kept looking. I felt I was searching. For what? Not sure because like I told you I have many Bibles. I did enjoy the music and the singing and even the feeling I was getting from him. It was a strong chemistry. Finally he broke the silence.

May I help you?

I knew I didn’t really need help. After all, I was in the Bible section. But I wanted to say something more than, no thanks. But I didn’t know what to say.

No, thanks.

When our eyes met we both smiled. I knew he wanted to keep talking.

You looking for a Bible?

Well, I was in the Bible section, wasn’t I. However, I definitely was not searching for a Bible.

No, hum. Just looking around. This here is a nice store.

When I complimented him on the store I wasn’t lying. However, I wanted to add that it look disorganized. One can tell an interior designer was not at work here. Stacks of Books were all over the place and to make it worse there was very little walk space with all the book rackets there.

Thanks, I run it with my brother.

Okay. Do you have any journals?

yes, we have a few.

You keep a journal?

yep. Since I was a little girl, I enjoyed writing.

What do you write about?

Well, life in general. Do you write?

No, I sing.

I notice. You have a great voice. What do you sing about?

Life, life in general.

Wow, I thought. A guy with a good sence of humor. I thought for a moment he was mocking me but then I realise that singing about God is singing about life in general.

You are correct! Life is in God. Why not sing about him? So, do you at least write music or lyrics?

Yeah. I do that kind of writing. I love to write music.

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