Tell me the Story!

Today I met a little thrid grader named Elian Abinder. He spoke with a strong spanish accent. Actually I met him a while ago but today was our first day doing homework together. He was a character.

Besides him being  filled with a lot of sugar and still stocking up on candy and soda, I could not figure out if he was showing off or if he normally acted this loco. Not a bad loco, just funny. 

When I asked Elian what was his name, he wrote it down then made sure I pronounced it the spanish way. I had to say it with the accent to please him. He then proceeded to tell me what his name meant. I didn’t even ask. He just started telling me how a boy was swimming and a man named Elian saved the boy and that’s why his mom named him Elian.

What’s your name?

When I told him my name was Lilly he started to laugh.

What does Lilly mean?

It’s a kind of flower.

What? A flower? Why would your name be flower?

Okay, Elian. Why don’t we get back to your homework?

I wanna know your story!

What story? The meaning of my name?


Well, it is long. It takes time.

He then set up in front of me and said I have time!

How about after these math problems?


So we finished the math sheet. I started to tell him about my name but he was so hyper I don’t think he heard a word I said. Plus  there were other students around who started talking about their names. He made it to a one person show when he started giving demonstrations on how he would act if his name was mine or the little girl across from me. He started throwing punches into the air and rolling on the floor. Then he took on leg and stomped it on the stool and said “I am Elian!” While pounding on his chest. What a scene. And all this time I am looking at him like if he lost his mind.

He promise to come tomorrow as a better person…


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