Planting and Watering Seeds

Because its Black History Month and I know that most schools are now teaching their children about African-American History, I am also taking time to play fun games like Brain Quest with my students. I realise that not only is it helping them learn about History but it is making them read and best of all its fun. But of all the things that made my day the following story made me question my want to learn.

A little boy who I never had as a student today came up to me and asked me if he could ask me a question. He seemed like he was on the look out for someone . He kept looking over my shoulder. When he saw the coast was clear. He first hesitated and was about to walk away then I encouraged him to talk.

Do you know anything about the Mayan Culture?

Yeah, you mean the M-A-Y-A-N culture?


Yeah. Not that much but I know about it. Why?

Because that is where I am from. That’s where my people are from.

Oh, you are doing a school report?

No, it’s where I am from. I just want to know.


So we went to look for some books. It turns out he just wanted to talk to someone about it. He had a book the library he used to go to gave him. He didn’t want a book. He was still acting like he was on a look out.

What grade are you in?

Me? I’m in the fourth grade. (He said this while holding up skinny fingers).

You are very smart.

What do you mean by smart.

Well, you are very mature.

Another student called me so I left him for a while. But didn’t get to continue talking to him. The person he was looking out for, came. His mother.

But I hope I see him again. He was hungry for knowledge about his History. And wanted to talk to someone about it.

And that’s a seed that needs water everyday.

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