Reasons why I feel Old

Tonight my sisters and I all stayed up talking about getting older. We all had reasons why we all of sudden felt we were getting old. Here are some.

We watch  what we eat and what our parents eat.

I don’t like my high heels the way I used to.

The ” Lets see how late we can stay up” game is not fun anymore.

To go to Daddy  begging is not as easy… We may not get what we ask for now. Before it was just a quarter.

Now homeless people look at us and beg.

The internet.

Older People are starting to treat us like we are grown. Without saying “You are not a child anymore”

Grown folk or older folk I should say- really care about my opinion. Or act like they do.

I am  starting to care more about everything around me. I feel I am aware of my surroundings more.

A lot of people our age are actually getting married and having kids.

Our  friendship cliques are not the same.

We share.

The younger generation look up to us and follow us.

I know very little if any ebonics. I am always asking younger folk to explain a word.

The noise teens make on the train or bus annoys me.

I enjoy school.

The saying “Time goes by fast” is actually true.

24 hour days are never  long enough

Chores are not chores any more – just things to do around the house

The “remember when” stories are more serious and bring tears- always ending with “I miss those days…those were the good ol’  days!”

If I call someone a name- good or bad- I mean it.

The saying “I’m not her friend anymore” really can mean “I’m not her friend anymore”

I have less best friends than five

I listen in Church

Saying “no” to an adult doesn’t end in a slap.

We are grateful for the slaps.

care less about what negative people say

Our dressing style is not the same anymore. We all have different taste.

Creating a list about why I feel old and having more to add…The old looks at the future, The young looks at the past

Well, I am getting old. I am still young though. That’s the good thing.

One thought on “Reasons why I feel Old

  1. “Now homeless people look at us and beg.” Ha haa, man, that is annoying!
    What makes some people think that people who go to school or have a job are well off enough to afford handouts?
    It doesn’t even make sense.
    The older I get the more likely I am to really lay someone out if they come up to me begging. I have to support myself; don’t get angry at me for not having spare change.

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