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Hi, my name is Savannah.

Well, its nice to meet you Savannah. What’s Up?

I am seven years old and I can’t read.

What grade are you in Savannah?

The first.

Do you want to read?

Yeah! Can you read this book with me??

Sure, I can.

This is a dialogue I had with a little girl this week at the library.

The fact that she is seven and can not read did not surprise me. I am now used to people not being able to read.

The fact that she was at the library without adult supervision did not surprise me. Children in my neighborhood seem to wander around with great freedom.

The fact that the other children wanted to help her read did not surprise me. I am used to the children at the library having amazing faith in themselves and others around them.

And, I would not be surprise when I see her years from now getting a high school diploma  and a good degree from an institute of higher learning.

Because no matter how hard it seems, the children in my neighborhood just don’t give up.

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