We have been friends since I came to this new school.

You introduced me to your friends.

You showed me around.

You introduced me to the neighborhood.

You showed me your favorite spot under the tree.

Your bestFriendship Strong as a Tree bench in the park.

You are kind to me.

I know your family.

Your family knows mine.

It’s all  new to me.

Your kindness towards me. Does that mean I have to be your Friend forever?

Do I continue to be your friend when I realize that you are not such a kind person after all?

Am I in debt to you since you were my first friend in the neighborhood?

Can I pick a new friend?

Do I really have to be friends with you?

Please tell me.

Because I am confused.

2 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. The pursuit of friendship can be tiresome. Sharing and giving continuously has to really be worth it.

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