Project Day

Today I had so much fun with my students. They all had projects to do on people – women who inspires them. I guess it is in celebration of Women History Month. Most of them picked singers. They had a half day so I came to the library early to meet them as planned.And they all came early ready to work on their project.

I brought my own supplies from home and helped them each with their project. It was also report card day so not all of them were very happy. A parent even came to make sure her son was really doing his homework. I hope she does that more often. They (the children) have a tendency of being serious only around report card day. Today he was near to tears. He’s reading a book by Louis Lowery  titled Anastasia on her Own. I hope he finishes the entire book.

One student got kicked out of the library for eating. She got caught by the librarian. I guess they are cracking down on the kids. I felt a little sorry for her though. I thought kicking her out for the day was pretty harsh. But they gotta learn. I hope she finishes her project at home. Those who didn’t finish their project at the library went to the Chinese store in the neighborhood to finish up. I must say they never been more excited and determine to finish their homework.

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