While waiting for the Train

Sat down hard.

Have young face.

Must be Indian. Very strong Accent.

-Whew! Can you think of another word for clutch?


-No, it’s a four letter word. Purse is five letters.

-Hum, I can’t think of another word.

-How about BBQ?

-How many letters?

-Seven, your favorite number. At least I think so.

Then he follows me onto the train.

Sits beside Me. And continues talking.

-You must be good at Sudoku

-Actually, I don’t play at all.

-Then you must be good at crosswords. You know you learn good vocabulary from crosswords.

-Yeah, I don’tTrainstation play any of those games.

-Why? Well, I guess I’ll be going.

And with that, he hopped of at his stop.

That was really weird. Didn’t his mom tell him not to speak to strangers?

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