Reading Fun


I just wanted to blog about the kids before I went out tonight.

They are off this week so they are pretty happy they don’t have that much homework to do. I am happy also but can’t wait for them to get back in school. Everyday it seems they need something to do so they start trouble with one another instead of being nice. I try my best to stay out of their little dramas.

One good thing that happen is they all started a new chapter book. I wish there was a way we all could read the same books. Its kind of difficult reading 3 or 4 different books at the same time with 10 kids. But I think they are all learning responsibility when I don’t read the entire book with them.

I realize today that I have to make sure I treat them all the same. I was accused of having favoritism. Which I know I don’t have. But I have to make sure I don’t.

I got two new students: Kelly and Kathy. Who are sweet little girls. Smart too.

The books we are reading are: Hello, Mrs. Piggle- Wiggle by Betty MacDonald, Clementine’s Letter by Sara Penny Packer and Rules By Cynthia Lord. Each child has to write down words and phrases they don’t understand and talk about each chapter after they read it. I am thinking about what I should do after they all finish each story….that can be another blog…Reading and Fun

Okay, I better be going now!

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