Imagine That

Just to think that you were feeling fine all along.

I guess you were just imagining things.

Now I have to imagine life without you.

Huh, I guess you are telling me to Imagine that.

Just how much of life is completely real anyway?

And how much do we imagine?

The child asked her mom to do her hair for her

but the mother said she was too sick to braid.

The child just imagined her mom feeling better.

The next day at school the teacher said

Child, how’s your Ma anywayRemember Me?

She’s doing fine. The child replied.

The teacher said

Well, can you imagine that?!

The child said, yeah, I can.

Do we keep imagining things until they become real?

When do our faith equal our works?

We can’t live in fantasy land for ever.

Can you now imagine life without pain?

Well, would you just imagine that?

I just can’t.

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