No Shoes

So if you read the previous blog  titled, Bare Feet, you would know that my mission for today was to wear no shoes.

I did not go to work without shoes like I promised. My outfit was just calling for some heels! I couldn’t let my outfit down!

Plus, the children always look at what I have on and complement me. I just couldn’t let them down.

Besides, I felt good in my Nine West heels. Wouldn’t you?!

However, I did go all the way to Rite Aid without shoes!! Going was shaky. I actually was scared to leave the house without any shoes on. I kept thinking about the broken glass, dog doo-doo, dog piss, people spit and what ever else they do on the street (I saw a man peeing before- so disusing) and whatever else there is out there on those streets. And what if there are hidden  diseases out there in the cracks of the side walk?

I was hoping that someone would ask me why I didn’t have any shoes on. After all, my socks were bright red! Well, the heel and the toe. But no one asked! I don’t even think anyone noticed my feet.

I walked pass a group of guys smoking. I thought for sure someone was going to look at my feet. I was ready to talk about the cause. The ‘ONE DAY WITHOUT SHOES’ event. To encourage them to buy TOMS the next time they shop for sneakers instead of  Nikes. Because if they buy TOMS a child in a poor country will receive a pair of shoes. But they didn’t even look at my feet. They just kept looking at my face. And I tried to give them signals. Like look at my feet really fast but they just kept smoking saying ‘Hey Babe!’.

I didn’t pay them any mine. I thought for sure someone was going to ask about my feet in Rite- Aid. But no one said anything. Just ‘Enjoy your Day’. Do you know I don’t have any shoes on?! I wanted to scream at the cashier!  Hey, look at my feet. No shoes. But I didn’t. I just wished her a great day and left. I thought for sure on the way home someone would ask.

I cross the street and looked at the person in the car. I know when you are driving you tend to look at what people are  wearing. Whatever, that old guy started smiling a creepy smile at me. It obviously had nothing to do with my feet.

When I was almost home, I saw two people looking at me. One was a mother with her daughter. But she just was liking my outfit. I know those faces. She smiled. Then there was this guy in a truck but his smile was to wide to ask about my feet.

People must think it’s funny that I didn’t have any shoes.

Or think it’s funny that others don’t have shoes.

No, I think, people know but don’t really care about others who do not have shoes because they have shoes and so doesNo Shoes everyone else around them. When you go for a time period without shoes you notice that everyone else is wearing shoes. You are also more in sync with the earth around you. For me, I was more in contact with the concrete jungle. I choose certain side walks to cross and kept reminding myself that I had to watch where I was going. I felt like my neighborhood was more like my home without any shoes on. At the same time I was paranoid.

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