Hello Shoes!

Don’t even ask me what is up with all these blogs about shoes but I actually have some more to tell you. Two stories.

First of all, I read with one of my students who are in the first grade, Ashanti, and the book she was anxious to read was titled: Hello Shoes! By Joan Blas. Even though I wore my shoes to work, ( if you didn’t read the two previous blogs you will be a little loss concerning the shoe situation) I did get a chance to talk to the children about people all over the world who don’t have a pair of shoes to wear because they are poor. After talking to them about how hard it is to find a pair of shoes around the house, I asked them why is it possible that other children as young as them in other parts of the world don’t have shoes at all.They concluded that the reason was because they don’t have a floor. Not once did I hear the word poor. But they tired their best to describe the huts in North Africa and the shacks in South America. They knew that having no shoes had something to do with not having a house like theirs. Just to think, having a pair of shoes means status. Privilege in some countries. And here, in America, it is more a norm, to the point that to have a certain type of shoe means something.   ShoesandFeet

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