They Cry for a Reason

Some People cry because they are sad or mad

Some people cry because the sun is bright or because the airplane took flight

Some people cry because songs make them sad

The song  make me cry because I miss my dad

Like I am crying now

While doing spelling sentences, two of my students got very poetic. The last word to write a sentence for was Cry. And before you knew it, it was a poem we wrote, not a sentence.

When one of  the little girls came up with the second to last sentence, the children started talking about how much they miss their fathers. I did not know so many children I was working with were living in single parent homes. One little girl said she only see her father in the summer while someone else said that they never see their father another one said she never sees her dad even though he lives with her because he works so much. Every time he comes home, she is asleep. She cried afterwards. So we read a picturFather Holds Childe book together titled Night Shift Dad. Which made her day.

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