Warm Sun

Warm Sun

Make Up By Ms. Shawanda Scott

When I look out into the world,

I see God’s Beauty.

I am not always able to enjoy it.

When I see God’s beauty,

Sometimes It doesn’t seem to see me.

Hi, can you notice me?

I think you are beautiful.

I believe you are made in God’s image.

Wonderfully and beautiful made.

Made in secret as if to surprise the world.

It seems the world forget that it was made

that they were made

that he was made

that she was made

wonderfully and beautifully

it is sometimes so cool

worse so cold.

it makes the warm sun upon your face feels like ice

it makes you shiver in the spring

it sometimes makes it impossible for you to even remember


Yes, I


even me,

was made in God’s image.

Wonderful and beautiful

wonderfully and beautifully


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